18 thousand hectares of forest will be restored in Karelia this year.
Karelian company plans to displace reinforced concrete poles of power lines from the Russian market.
When a tree is harder than a stone. Karelia is ready to "stake out" Russia on the Finnish technology.

Measuring tools

For fast and accurate measurement of length, width, thickness and other parameters of incoming wood, as well as for measuring the value of wood defects and processing defects, it is necessary to have accurate and convenient measuring tools.

To measure the length of round timber, as well as to determine the dimensions of the packages, the height and width of the wagon loading, we use metal measuring tape GOST 7502-80 (fig. 128g), measuring hook (fig. 128a) and metal ruler GOST 427-75 (fig. 1286).

To determine the diameter of round timber use measuring bracket (fig. 128d) and folding meter (fig. 128e).

Width and thickness of lumber is measured folding metal feet and metal ruler.

To determine the depth and length of cracks, as in round timber, and in sawmill and joinery, it is convenient to use a set of GOST 8925-68 probes with a minimum plate thickness of 0.1 mm or a metal folding meter (fig. 128e).

The presence of defects and processing defects of timber in joinery products evaluated visually and by measuring their size with an accuracy of 1 mm metal line GOST 427-75.

Deviations from perpendicularity are determined by verification angles GOST 3749-77 (fig. 128h).

-Hatchet-stamp is used to apply the variety, as well as to remove the bark and chop the part of the wood from the selected samples to determine the degree of damage to wood by insects and wood-destroying fungi (Fig. 128c).

The measuring hook and measuring brackets are made from dried thin bars and must correspond to the standard length.