18 thousand hectares of forest will be restored in Karelia this year.
Karelian company plans to displace reinforced concrete poles of power lines from the Russian market.
When a tree is harder than a stone. Karelia is ready to "stake out" Russia on the Finnish technology.

Power transmission poles

The Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant offers your attention a unique product of its kind - poles of power lines manufactured using innovative Finnish technologies with the use of durable and wear-resistant material - Karelian pine. To date, the poles produced by our company are special, exclusive offer on the market, didnt have and dont have analogues in Russia.

Power line poles produced by the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant officially recommended by the RAO UES as the optimal pole's option if it is necessary to reconstruct or construct overhead transmission lines.

Where poles from the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant are used?

The use of poles from the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant is relevant when it is necessary to organize an uninterrupted power supply:

  • in the city;
  • in the countryside;
  • in cottage settlements;
  • in the garden associations;
  • in other territories with a moderate population density.

Why poles from the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant?

The efficiency of the use of wooden poles of the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant in these cases caused by:

  1. Transportation safety. Poles easily carry the movement and not afraid of mechanical damage. Characteristics of the tree from which made such poles guarantee maximum product protection from any impacts or loads that are detrimental to the metal or concrete products.
  2. Ease of installation. Poles allow produce a fast and qualitative installation with the penetration of the product to the required level according to the characteristics of the soil in the area where the supports are mounted.
  3. Ease of exploitation. Poles can be installed in regions with any climatic and temperature conditions. They are not afraid of constant rain, heavy frosts, strong winds and their consequences (the fall of trees, etc.). Installed at a sufficient depth, the support remains stable in all extreme situations. At the same time the poles doesn't need replacement or complicated maintenance, demonstrate amazing service life - more than 70 years.

Please note that on the supports can be placed simultaneously lines from 0.4 to 10 kV and outdoor lighting, without affecting any performance characteristics of the power supply system. Also products can be intermediate: straight or angled supports.

Features of poles production in the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant

The production of power lines poles in our company carried out in full accordance with the Finnish technology. The basis for the creation of each future pole is exclusively high quality wood materials of northern origin, particularly the Karelian pine. Unlike other manufacturers, the company became the first and remains so, because it uses a unique processing technology in manufacture of poles. So all products undergo a two-stage processing of a mechanical type, which allows the release of poles without signs of deformation, cracks and any other shortcomings.

Preparation for the production of poles provides for the use of a powerful 14-atmospheric autoclave and impregnating composition of imported production. Due to this, treatment of the poles with antiseptic doesnt limit the depth or amount of application and fixing of the composition. Antiseptic of Finnish-made brand Celcure, as well as preparations with a high content of chromium and copper, used in the treatment of poles, allows products to remain resistant to putrefaction or fire. In turn, the Canadian innovative method of fixing of impregnating compositions of the poles prevents their washout from the product. We are absolutely confident in the quality of poles and provide a guarantee of 20 years to each buyer of the products.

Drying and peeling of poles is carried out in the framework of progressive technology, which allows achieve maximum performance longevity and durability of each pole. Poles produced by the company dont need to change over time. Products remain resistant to any aggressive conditions of the local climate. Poles are not afraid of sudden temperature changes, and humidity or salinity of local soil isnt an obstacle for poles installation.

Sale of impregnated wooden poles in the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant

Poles manufactured by our company are different in length, each of which characterized by strength, reliability and durability. In assortment of the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plants poles there are both standard models ranging in length from 6 to 11 meters, and models of different length. Cooperating with our company, you can order individual lot of poles from 1 to 13 meters in length. You can find out more about the products on the relevant page of our website.

What are the advantages of wood in front of metal and reinforced concrete?

The first and sometimes the key advantage of wooden impregnated poles for customers is their cost. Poles made of valuable wood of the Karelian pine stand on average 30% cheaper than less durable and long-lasting analogues made of reinforced concrete. Take into account the fact that the transportation and installation of reinforced concrete supports also require additional costs due to their fragility, and youll understand that the wooden poles are objectively economical and profitable solution. No costs for heavy special equipment, no additional maintenance during exploitation - poles from the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant cope with their task absolutely without your participation.

You cant ignore the following main advantages of wooden poles in comparison with metal and reinforced concrete constructions:

  1. Pole from the Karelian pine completely "freezes" in any type of soil. This eliminates the risk of swelling of the pole with increasing soil volume, or the freezing of moisture contained in the soil.
  2. Wooden pole effectively resists corrosive factors characteristic of moist or saline soil, where reinforced concrete structures are completely destroyed already in 3-7 years after their installation.
  3. Wooden impregnated pole eliminates the risk of breaking wires and falling of other poles during breakage. The wires continue to hang on the neighboring poles. Thus, the threat of emergency power outage is minimized.
  4. Wooden poles are resistant to abrasive wear.
  5. Impregnated wooden poles protected against the negative effects of lightning. They extinguish the power arcs, avoiding critical consequences in the form of overvoltage. In addition, the characteristics of the poles allow them to stay 100% safe for people who are in the immediate vicinity of the power line.