18 thousand hectares of forest will be restored in Karelia this year.
Karelian company plans to displace reinforced concrete poles of power lines from the Russian market.
When a tree is harder than a stone. Karelia is ready to "stake out" Russia on the Finnish technology.


Wood has exceptional dielectric properties due to the absence of leakage currents the use of wooden poles provides significant energy savings when transferring it over a long distance, allows to reduce the number of isolators, as well as to abandon the use of overhead ground-wire cable lines 35-110 kW.
RAO UES in its letter of 03.10.2001 emphasized the special importance of use of wooden poles of new generation in areas with frequent bird deaths on overhead lines.
Wooden pole provides a considerable isolation distance from the point of view of impulse overvoltages and can extinguish the power arc overlap, provides high resistance of the earth fault circuit. These properties used to reduce the number of lightning outages of transmission lines and safety
Impulse body strength wooden poles over 200 kV/m. This property is extremely useful in areas with high thunderstorm activity. A lightning strike even at a considerable distance can induce overvoltages on the transmission line with an amplitude of hundreds of kilovolts. The presence of wooden poles excludes overlapping of insulation and disconnection of the line in such cases. The high resistance of wooden poles provides increased safety of lines for people in the event of damage to the main insulation.
The resistance of the pole's body strongly depends on the moistening. For example, the minimum resistance of a wet pine is about 20 kOhm/m, and the dry one is on the average 100 times larger.
High resistance of wood and high contact resistance at the touch of man to pole with damaged insulation limits current through human with quantities not dangerous to life (40-100 mA).
The theme of increasing the safety level of the installation and exploitation of power lines when using wooden poles of new generation canít be fully revealed without mentioning the exceptional ecological qualities of the newest impregnating preservative CCA, as compared to the previously used oil antiseptics, copper and chromium based.
The Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant uses the Finnish high-performance antiseptic CCA (Cu, Cr, As - copper, chromium and arsenic). The poles impregnated with the preservative, environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless for humans, for animals and for the environment. CCA antiseptic has an exceptionally strong fixation in the tree structure. It isnít washed out of the wood during the entire service life. Components of impregnating composition CAA, which protect the wooden pole from damage by fungi, mold, various microorganisms and insects, as a result of chemical reactions in the process of fixing transformed into insoluble compounds that create long-term protective effect.