18 thousand hectares of forest will be restored in Karelia this year.
Karelian company plans to displace reinforced concrete poles of power lines from the Russian market.
When a tree is harder than a stone. Karelia is ready to "stake out" Russia on the Finnish technology.

Technological advantages of SMPZ LLC

The Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant is an enterprise designed and built by a Finnish company by the order of JSC "Karelenergo" in 1999. The technological base of the enterprise as well as all the equipment is imported, and is designed accurately reproduce the process of making wooden impregnated poles recognized world leaders in this industry – Finnish manufacturers

In addition to the standard requirements of quality wooden poles such as raw material control, imported antiseptic SSA, depth of impregnation, “vacuum-pressure-vacuum” technology, uniform drying of raw materials, rapid fixation of antiseptic the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant has a number of important technological advantages that increase the strength and service life of the poles.

The most important technological advantage of the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant is two-stage mechanical processing of wood. Unlike all other enterprises, we have retained the original Finnish technology, and din’t to sacrifice quality in favor of productivity. The process of removing bark and bast occurs in two stages. After debarking, the wood enters the drying chamber with a dense outer layer of bast. This layer protects the wood from the inevitable cracking during ten-day drying process. After exiting the drying chamber, the poles come to shelling machine. Cutters make the finish machining of the wood, removing the bast, and leaving the pole’s surface perfectly smooth without cracks. The absence of cracks is extremely important for pole, since in the autumn-winter-spring period, moisture continuously enters and cracks the fissures, eventually expanding them to considerable dimensions and destroying the pole.


                   Wood after debarking


The second important advantage is the quality of the wood used: the raw material for the production of our poles is only the Karelian pine. It has more dense and less porous structure compared to the species growing in Central Russia. With the same size, the annual growth rings of the Karelian pine are one and a half times denser. In addition, it is highly resistant to decay due to the high content of natural antiseptics – resin.

Experience and advanced achievements of the leading European manufacturers realised on the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant , allows us to remain a benchmark of quality in the industry and to ensure the service life of wooden poles is 70 years.

                            Wood after removing bast

                                      Three stages of pole state. Top to down:
                                       - after debarking before removing bast,
                                       - after the fixing process,
                                       - ready to use