18 thousand hectares of forest will be restored in Karelia this year.
Karelian company plans to displace reinforced concrete poles of power lines from the Russian market.
When a tree is harder than a stone. Karelia is ready to "stake out" Russia on the Finnish technology.

Wooden poles

Until recently, only the metal and reinforced concrete structures served as pillars of power transmission lines in Russia. Their use is associated with a number of disadvantages: complexity of transportation, significant installation costs, high frequency of breakage during wind and ice loads, domino effect, short-term service (less than 25 years).

The best solution to all these problems came from Canada, where many years have successfully used impregnated wooden poles, which have several advantages compared with reinforced concrete poles, for example: the lifetime of such poles can be up to 100 years!

Among European countries, the effective production of impregnated wooden poles was first established by Finland. In 1999 the leading Western technology for the production of wooden poles came to the territory of Russia - in the Republic of Karelia by the Finnish company was built the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant.



For today the enterprise is equipped with the most modern technological line in Russia and the near abroad. The main products are impregnated wooden poles for communication lines and power lines.

High quality of wooden poles achieved with using of the Karelian pine high density. Also due to application of advanced technological processes. The Wooden poles of our company have a service life of 70 years!

As impregnated wooden poles are lighter than reinforced concrete poles, the cost of their delivery and installation is much less. Besides there is no domino effect wooden poles resistant to fracture, they kept on the wires at fall, not pulling neighboring poles.


On July 31, 2017, the heads of Karelia and the general director of PJSC "Rosseti" visited the Seesyarvskiy Poles Impregnation Plant. Artur Parfenchikov and Oleg Budargin discussed with the company's management the possibility of expanding production.

The general director of the company "Rosseti" Oleg Budargin highly appreciated the quality of the poles manufactured by the plant and outlined the prospects for cooperation.

"We are ready to the consumption of your products on a long-term basis with an enterprise development program", Oleg Budargin said.

Our impregnated wooden poles are operated in networks of such organizations as PJSC "IDGC of North-West", PJSC "Lenenergo", JSC "LOESK", PJSC "IDGC of Centre", PJSC "IDGC of Centre and Volga region", OJSC "Grid Company" (Tatarstan), OJSC "Bashkirenergo" and others.

Ready-made poles we deliver by road and rail. For further information and to order products please contact us by phone or fill out the order form.